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Mayapuri Satta Game Record Chart April 2024

Result Time: 07:30 PM

Date Results
01-04-2024 77
02-04-2024 83
03-04-2024 02
04-04-2024 20
05-04-2024 98
06-04-2024 28
07-04-2024 52
08-04-2024 58
09-04-2024 13
10-04-2024 40
11-04-2024 07
12-04-2024 94
13-04-2024 70

Mayapuri Satta Game Results

Mayapuri satta king game is one on the most popular leading game in Haryana India running from 10+ year and having such trusted millions of user like you. Our user increasing day by day due to our transparency and trust between the users and company. We also invite you to play online Mayapuri satta king and we would like to make you sure that its totally handle by the company and 100% transparent because company first policy is to build the users trust and benefited. Mayapuri satta game always distribute the maximum amount to the players so max users get benefit not in loss.


How to Play Mayapuri Satta Online Game


If you are regular off line players by the mediator like khaiwal and want to play online and reduce your risk then online platform is best options for you as its manage by the company and deposit your wining amount immediate to your account. Just register here and start playing online mayapuri satta daily. You can also get some guessing no that will be free just for your help just use your mind and choice some of the Jodi or haruf number form here and star to play on your lucky no. You will sure wind good amount from here.


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