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Faridabad Last Game Result 16

New Faridabad Last Game Result 48

सबसे तेज़ और सही रिजल्ट् सिर्फ यही मिलेगा

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Online Satta King 2022

Dubai Bazar (12:20 AM)

{ 60 }Satta King Result [ 59new result ]

Desawar (05:00 AM)

{ 79 }Satta King Result [ 01new result ]

Lucky No. 786 (11:00 AM)

{ 98 }Satta King Result [ 39new result ]

Delhi Super (12:10 PM)

{ 92 }Satta King Result [ 75new result ]

Delhi (12:50 PM)

{ 45 }Satta King Result [ 82new result ]

Murli (01:00 PM)

{ 42 }Satta King Result [ 73new result ]

Savera (02:15 PM)

{ 21 }Satta King Result [ 49new result ]

Rajdhani (02:30 PM)

{ 72 }Satta King Result [ 55new result ]

Peshawar (03:00 PM)

{ 72 }Satta King Result [ 91new result ]

Kashipur (04:30 PM)

{ 47 }Satta King Result [ 57new result ]

Shri Ganesh (04:30 PM)

{ 25 }Satta King Result [ 84new result ]

UP King (04:30 PM)

{ 82 }Satta King Result [ 13new result ]

New Faridabad (05:30 PM)

{ 32 }Satta King Result [ 48new result ]

Faridabad (06:00 PM)

{ 38 }Satta King Result [ 16new result ]

Agra Bazar (06:20 PM)

{ 21 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Ghaziabad (08:00 PM)

{ 12 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Taj (08:00 PM)

{ 36 }Satta King Result [ 43new result ]

Delhi Six (11:00 PM)

{ 89 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

Gali (11:30 PM)

{ 38 }Satta King Result [ ** ]

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Satta King Online / Upgameking Result Chart 2022 / Satta King 786

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